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ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s Pro Workout Eurorack Clock and Modulation Module

319.00 inc. VAT

263.64 ex. VAT

In stock

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Product Info

’Pamela’s PRO Workout’ is a compact programmable clocked modulation source for your Euro-rack modular system. It provides 8 highly editable outputs producing various control voltagesignals correlated and synced to a BPM based master clock.

Each output can provide everything from simple clocked triggers, complex rhythmic wave-forms, quantised melodic patterns to random chaos with direct and assignable CV controlover numerous parameters. These features together with a quick and easy to use interfaceprovide almost limitless synced modulation possibilities in a tiny space.

Building on the original ’Pamela’s Workout’ & ’Pamela’s NEW Workout’ the evolved ’PRO’ Pammaintains the precursor’s form factor and intuitive workflow but improves and adds many newfeatures with upgraded hardware, more CV inputs, a new full colour hi res display and rewrit-ten software adding many new enhancements like micro grid timings and cross output mod-ulations.

Through optional expander modules more CV input and outputs can be added with support forexternal non euro equipment through Midi and Din Sync outputs.Please enjoy your next generation PRO workout!


  • BPM based clock with tempo rates 10-330BPM.
  • Real time intuitive EASY and quick theme-able user interface with full colour high resolution display.
  • 8 Clocked voltage outputs each with independent adjustable;
    • Clock divisors and multipliers from /16384 to x192 including various non-integer factors.
    • Numerous waveform types from staples to envelopes to ratchets to random.
    • Waveform level, offset, phase and shaping control.
    • Extensive Euclidean, probability and beat based looping for pattern creation.
    • Cross output modulation with numerous operations.
    • Offgrid ’Flex’ microtiming for swing, human and bouncing ball type timing effects.
  • All output parameters assignable up to x 4 built in CV inputs with individual offset, atten-uation and metering.
  • Per output and group saving and loading to 64 banks.
  • All settings remain between power cycles.
  • Voltage and direct control of clock stop/start, reset and external syncing.
  • Support for expander modules for additional CV inand out puts.
  • USB-C for quick and easy ‘drag and drop’ firmware updates and memory bank backup via computer.
  • Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
  • Made in England.


  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Power: +60mA / -10mA

Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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