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ALM x Worng Jumble Henge Eurorack Spectral Mixer Module

269.00 inc. VAT

222.31 ex. VAT

In stock

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Product Info

The Jumble Henge is a 16 input stereo spectral mixer with a unique patch-based mixing interface in a compact space.
Each input has a carefully tuned resonant analog filter and a unique fixed pan value, providing each sound its own space within the mix.
There is a Mix control to adjust the depth of the filtering and a clean external stereo input for chaining with another mixer or extra sound source.

Jumble Henge is a space efficient solution for creating rich stereo mixes from a number of both mono and stereo sources.


Vertical and horizontal patch position determines a source’s spectral and stereo placement
in the mix respectively.

Aside from centred inputs, every input sits in its own unique pan position, helping to keep
a separation between sound but building a complete stereo image when combined.

The centre right inputs of the top two rows are normalised to the centre left inputs. – i.e if just a left input is patched it will be effectively panned centre.
Towards the highs the panning becomes wider – as the human ear better pinpoints direction at
higher frequencies, whereas the lows remain more centred for a tighter, more focused sound.


Mix control for the overall depth of the filters applied to the inputs.
Note: a slight volume increase occurs near the centre of the dial.


An additional clean stereo input pair for chaining with another mixer or additional source.
Right input normalised to left input to accomodate mono sources.

Stereo mix output, the sum of all 16 inputs.


Power: +12V 70ma / -12V 70ma
Size: 8HP
Depth: 38mm

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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