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BeepBoop Electronics Eurostack Sound System Eurorack Speaker Module

69.00 inc. VAT

57.02 ex. VAT

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Product Info

The Beepboop Eurostack sound system module is a 6HP speaker / transducer for your Eurorack system. The Module is ideal for portable systems or for experimenting with real world feedback. This V2 version also includes a DC jack port for use with either an external speaker or transducer.

The panel is transparent and is back lit for monitoring the level of current being supplied to the internal speaker or external transducer.
The external transducer we sell separately is capable of turning almost any object into a speaker.

The module pairs very well with our Intercom Mic or Kontact Mic modules to form a feedback network to be controlled by the rest of your Eurorack system. This module is ideal for anyone looking to make your own plate reverb!

External transducers and speakers are sold separately.
The circuit is based around a LM386 which is capable of driving a 1W speaker.

Made and Designed above the shop in Bristol by Monojack.

Width: 6 hp
Depth: 30 mm
Power: +12V 190mA, -12V 0mA

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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