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Befaco Oneiroi Eurorack Experimental Soundscape Synth Voice Module

479.00 inc. VAT

395.87 ex. VAT

In stock

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Product Info

Oneiroi is a live performance-oriented, multi-functional self-contained experimental digital synth focused on ambient pads and drone-like soundscapes. It features a full stereo signal path: Stereo input, 2 oscillators , 4 effects, and a looper. It also includes LFO self-modulation and a randomizer. Oneiroi is based on Rebel Technology’s OWL platform.


  • Powered by the latest OWL revision (mk3), with 24-bit 48 kHz stereo audio (32-bit internal processing)
  • Stereo input with three switchable gain levels and a two-coloured LED for monitoring
  • Stereo output
  • 5-second looper with continuous speed control (from 2x in reverse direction to 2x in forward direction) and pre and post looping selector.
  • Sine oscillator
  • Stereo Supersaw oscillator with detune control, inspired by the JP-8000
  • 2048-sample dynamic wavetable oscillator (aliased) that uses the looper buffer, with offset control
  • Single v/oct input for the three oscillators and unison control
  • Filtering unit with four different types: low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, and comb filter. The filter can be freely positioned along the effects chain
  • 3-band resonator with tune and feedback controls
  • A 2-tap echo with controls over time and density
  • Reverb with macro control for size, filtering, and direction
  • Eight short-throw faders for controlling volumes (exponential) and effects amount (constant power), with relative CV inputs
  • Eight CV controls for the primary parameters, four of them can be dynamically assigned to the secondary ones as well
  • Possibility to record either the stereo input or the module’s output
  • Various types of self-modulation with configurable routing and control over level and speed
  • External synchronization via sync input (supported clock speed from 30 BPM to 300 BPM)
  • Powerful randomizer with four different targets, three levels of intensity and undo/redo
  • Soft take-over functionality for re-coupling parameters’ positions and values after randomization, with LEDs for showing where the value is in relation to the position of the control.


  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +12v 200mA, -12v 60mA

Manufacturer product page here.
Product manual here.

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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