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Plum Audio Apex X Eurorack Mult-Function Module (Silver – 1U)

289.00 inc. VAT

238.84 ex. VAT

In stock

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Product Info

Apex X is our new revision to our successful Apex with much more control.
We took Apex and ex12 expander and packed it in a one new 26HP module with 4 CLICKKNOBS interface that we borrowed from RO’VED.

Normalization between 2 TR inputs has also been added, it can be enabled/disabled using a slide switch on the side of the module.

Apex X provide dual channel multi function tool with 23 different modes in a small package of 1U/26hp (Intellijel 1u format)

Available modes:

  • Envelope
  • Double attack envelope
  • Repeating attack envelope
  • Looping envelope
  • Randomised AD envelope
  • Bouncing ball envelope
  • LFO
  • Tap LFO
  • Frequency-modulated LFO (folded sine FM)
  • Frequency-modulated LFO (random FM
  • Varying wave shape LFO ( folded sine WS mod)
  • Varying wave shape LFO ( random WS mod)
  • Phase-locked loop oscillator
  • Mini-sequencer
  • ModSequencer
  • Pulse Shaper
  • Pulse Randomiser
  • Turing Machine
  • Bytebeats
  • Bass/Snare Drums
  • FM drum Generators
  • Randomised bass and snare drum generators
  • Randomised high hat


  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +65mA / -30mA

Manufacturer product page here.

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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