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Plum Audio RO’VED Eurorack 1U Oscillator Module (Black)

339.00 inc. VAT

280.17 ex. VAT

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Product Info

RO’VED is Plum’s new 1U MACRO OSCILLATOR based on the legendary “Plaits” by Mutable Instruments.


  • 4 “CLICKKNOBS” that used as model selection buttons, main controls and attenuverters.
  • 8 bicolor LEDs displaying the active model.
  • Main frequency control, 8 octaves.
  • Three dimensions of timbre control: harmonics, timbre, morph.
  • Attenuverters for the timbre, morph, Harmonics and frequency modulation CV inputs.
  • Timbre, morph and frequency modulation CV inputs are normalized to the internal EG.
  • Model selection, harmonics, timbre, morph, FM CV inputs.
  • Main V/O CV input, with a large input range (-3V to +7V).
  • Trigger input, triggering an internal D envelope, or the exciter for the physical/drum models.
  • Level CV input, controlling the internal digital low-pass gate, or acting as an accent control for the physical/drum models.


  • 28 HP
  • 25mm Deep
  • Intellijel 1u format
  • Current Draw: 55 mA +12V, 8 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V

Product manufacturer page here.

Free Delivery for Mainland Spain orders over €99

Terms and conditions apply

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